Always Room For One More….

I have to say, I fought this.  From the moment my husband, Terry called and  said “I’m bringing something home and It’s going to live on the kitchen counter”.  Wrong approach, nothing lives on the kitchen counter but my Kitchen-aid Mixer and a pedestal of Fruit.  He knew I would have to make room  in the pantry which is already full of my collection of cake stands, copper pots, food and other kitchen essentials.  Yes, he knew he was starting World War Three with that comment so, whatever IT was he was carting home was already jaded for me.  It turned out to be the VitaMix….well you might have guessed I made room in my pantry and my heart for this new appliance.  Move over ordinary blender, this ones got a motor like nobody’s business.

Too make the welcome a little smoother he decided to woo me with dinner courtesy of the VitaMix.  My friend Katrina came to enjoy the show as well.  He knew he needed to wow us, little did he know he had me at the first taste of the Whole Fruit Margarita he concocted at the beginning of the meal.



He made a guacamole that night in the Vita Mix, and a feta spread that was sublime.   The VitaMix comes with a large cook book included in the box.

Doesn’t this look pretty,  deconstructed guacamole.


He followed up his appetizers with a soup course and yes the soup was warm.  The Vitamix heats and cools things.  I like my soup hotter than it came out but, that’s just me.  He made a pasta sauce and a delicious chocolate fondue.  The VitaMix won a spot in the pantry taking the place of the old blender.  Hot, Cold, room temperature this appliance won a place in my pantry in spite of it’s beginnings….



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