I Could Eat the Whole Jar!

My mom tells a story of how a family friend gave me a giant jar of peanut butter for my birthday.  This gift was prompted by my mom discussing my bad habit of using my finger as a utensil in the peanut butter jar.  I LOVE  peanut butter and that giant jar of peanut butter was kept in my room, I’m pretty sure my mom removed it and disposed of it soon after because, I don’t remember finishing it and goodness knows, a giant jar of peanut butter would go directly to my hips.  But,  move over peanut butter their is a new nut butter that is the object of my affection, Justin’s Maple Almond Butter.  Try it, straight from the jar with your finger or as an accompaniment to your favorite apple, banana or graham cracker…. the possibilities are endless.

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