Thanksgiving Dinner Inspiration

So lets talk turkey.
Do you come from a family who would simply faint dead away if the same old Thanksgiving meal wasn’t served year after year? Or, is this the first year you will be hosting Thanksgiving? Whether its your first or the 21st lets make it memorable. Below are a few ideas to help inspire you this Thanksgiving!

*What are your roots? Italian, Eastern European, American Indian, Asian lineage, perhaps adding a few tweaks to your meal to reconize your heritage would make the holiday meal more meaningful to you and your family.

*The first Thanksgiving can also bring you inspiration for your holiday meal. The pilgrims didn’t dine on turkey, studying the first Thanksgiving meals may be the perfect starting point to establish or change up your holiday feast.

* Pick up a couple of November periodicals at the grocery store to get your thoughts flowing. I read alot of periodicals but, I generally keep the Holiday season editions year after year for a dose of inspiration.

*Consider how you want your guests to feel when they remember Thanksgiving 2011. My words for this year are “delight and inspire”. I hope to “delight” as they enjoy a few new dishes I plan on making and, inspire, as we talk about what we are grateful for as well as our individual and family accomplishments this year.

Here’s to the best Holiday Ever!

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