Make This The Happiest Yet…


I woke up this morning with that holiday feeling. I love Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years…. I love the entertaining, gift giving, decorating and even the hustle and bustle.  But, I know that not  everyone does.   I am well aware of many who would rather shoot themselves in the foot than spend hours wrapping gifts. I get that, so what I say is don’t.

Whatever you don’t love about this time of year you should stop doing it.  If that doesn’t feel doable then find someone else to do it for you, a barter system works well.  Or, at the very least better the task by getting a group of friends together to wrap presents together over a glass of wine and a few treats or listen to your favorite holiday music, whatever makes the “unpleasant” task more bearable.  In coaching ( I am a personal coach as well as a lifestyle blogger)   we call that the 3 B Tool, “Better it, Barter it, or Bag it”.

Examples:  I myself have given up sending the proverbial Christmas card.  I don’t like it, never have , so I stopped sending them.  I love to cook but, on Christmas Eve I just want to go to church and read the Christmas Story to my kids so we started the tradition of getting Chinese take out for our Christmas Eve meal.  You get the idea…

I love the holidays, and as I drink my morning joe my wish for you is that you have the jolliest, most meaningful holiday ever!

For more tips on enjoying the holidays a little more this year you can read my post  at Wake up Momma.

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