Guest List

Who will be at your table this Thanksgiving Day?

Do you have far away family and friends you plan on inviting to your Thanksgiving dinner? If the answer is yes, call them today (if you haven’t already) and invite them to the feast.  Knowing who and how many are  attending will make your life easier in the days ahead.


If you are having a “potluck” Thanksgiving you will want to know what each person is bringing so you can supplement your menu accordingly. Maybe Aunt Ruth always brings her Sweet Potatoe Casserole or Cousin Bob frys a mean turkey, knowing what will be taking up prime real estate on your sideboard is important information as you coordinate the rest of the dishes for your feast!  At this time you will want to make notes about any food allergies or restrictions anyone on your list may have. Making sure to include a dish or two everyone can eat will go a long way to creating family unity.


Lastly, as you are making your list,  you may also  want to consider your seating chart (you know Aunt Betty can’t be near cousin Ed).  Seperating people who may have issues goes along way in creating a festive yet peaceful dinner.

Visit At Robin’s House tomorrow for more ways to make this Thanksgiving the best yet!

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