Clean Your House Before Your Full House



It’s Fall cleaning time at Robin’s House this week. Our upstairs is still torn apart with the two bathrooms being remodeled but, clean I must, so I will. Not only the regular baseboards, walls, and window kind of cleaning but the “take no prisoners”, throw everything out, kind of cleaning.  The closets are bursting with old coats and shoes, scarves and hats which need to go to a coat drive.  Scout’s toy room needs a good weeding out to make way for holiday gifts.


My plan of attack?  First, I will start with the front hall coat closet where I will be stashing the coats of the first arriving Thanksgiving guests and holiday revelers.  Then, on to the play room and the family coat closet.  The pantry and refrigerator are also on the list to purge this week, making room for the ingredients to create the feasts and treats for gatherings to come.


Once I get started with the task it’s amazing how good it feels.  Don’t believe me?  Try it for yourself!   Get a plastic bag,  set a timer for 10 minutes, and start on your own hall closet.  When the timer goes off stop if you want and begin the next day but,  my guess is you’ll choose to keep going, cleaning and purging makes you feel so good.  You and your house will feel a whole lot lighter with every closet, pantry and room you purge!




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