Countdown to an Inspired Thanksgiving!

I felt it tonight as I put my trick or treater to bed. That adrenalin rush I always get when the holidays are right around the corner, almost to the driveway, half way up the walk, and at our door. I couldn’t be happier! I know I may be an anomaly but, I love the holiday season fron pre-Halloween to post New Years Eve.

Next up is Thanksgiving! Not as flashy as the Christmas Holiday can be. Not as many trappings the stores make you feel you should buy. Thanksgiving is quintessential American, gathering family and friends around the table to share in a bountiful meal and express our appreciation for the year that’s past and the people who surround us.

If you crave a delightful holiday season but, aren’t sure if you have the time,money and patience to get there, I would like to help! Follow me here daily as I break down the steps to a memorable Thanksgiving day and on to a wonderful holiday season!

You are always welcome At Robin’s House!

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